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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> this is cnn newsroom live from los angeles. ahead this hour, despite criticism of his proposed muslim ban, polls show trump is still the man to beat in the race for the republican nomination. divers search a california lake looking for new clues in last week's shooting rampage. and the world's most popular pod cast takes on the controversial story of sergeant bowe bergdahl. great to have you with us. we would like to welcome viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm john vause." "newsroom l.a." starts right now.
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we will begin with the u.s. presidential race where donald trump continues to ride a wave of support among supporters. this is in spite, or perhaps because of, speaking out for muslims. the majority of republican voters like his plan to ban u.s. travelers from the u.s. we get more from your political correspondent. >> reporter: donald trump still looming large over gop field. >> i'm 20 points up, i'm way up on everybody. >> reporter: it's a nation divided over trump's controversial plan to ban uh muslims from coming to the u.s. a new wall street journal/nbc news poll shows 38% of primary voters approve the proposal while 39% oppose it. among all americans, nearly 6 in 10 oppose the plan.
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>> the group that is not criticizing me is the public. the public agrees with what i said. >> his supporter, some of whom took part in a conversation with cnn remains steadfast. >> i could care less about a few muz lips or a few people that are upset. i could care less about people who are saying we don't like donald trump's tone. we need a true leader in this country and donald trump is that leader. >> reporter: but trump's rivals continue to line up in opposition. some subtle -- >> i'm going to support the republican nominee and i believe the republican nominee is going to be someone who can win the general election. i don't believe donald trump can. >> and others more direct. >> president obama's policies are a failure. the only thing worse than obama's policies are donald trump's policies. >> a stinging critique in new hampshire. >> i would rather lose without him than try to win with him.
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if he keeps doing what he's dong. there's no shame in losing an election. the shame comes when you lose your honor. >> reporter: and in the face of backlash from world leaders, trump is canceling a trip to israel tweeting, i have decided to postpone my trip to israel and to schedule my meeting with netanyahu at a later date after i become president of the u.s. that's after benjamin netanyahu released a statement rejecting trump's comments on muslims. and as a petition to block trump from the united kingdom swells to nearly 500,000 signatures, trump tweeted, the united kingdom is try hard to disguise their massive muslim problem. there are signs his brash rhetoric is costing him in other ways. one of trump's middle east business partners is now pulling trump-branded products from its smellives. -- shelves. while trump supporters said they didn't agree with all his plans
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to bar muslims from coming to the u.s., they still are sticking by him. trump referenced the plan only briefing saying we can't afford to be so politically correct and it's time to take a closer look at the visa system. sara murray, cnn, portsmouth, new hampshire. >> our next guest is a columnist for "the new york times" and he's joining us now from new york state. look at these poll numbers. if you look at the numbers here, most persons oppose this proposed travel ban put out there by donald trump. democrats overwhelming oppose it, but the republicans are evenly split. is that how you expected the numbers to snal. >> in a sense, yes. one way to think about the trump phenomenon in an international context is to compare him to what we've seen happen in european politics over the last few years. trump is basically a version of the national front or any other right-we think splinter party in europe, except he's operating within the republican coalition in the u.s.
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the u.s. doesn't really do splinter parties, third parties, fourth parties that much. and so you have basically trump channelling a mix of nationalism, populism and anxiety about terrorism, and he's doing it within the republican party. and it's not surprising that there's a constituency for that. >> and within that party, trump is now leading by more than double digits to his closest rivals. it seems the controversy gave him a boost despite or because of the controversy over this travel ban. does this put him closer to the republican nomination and yet further away from winning a general election? >> no. i think it puts him further away from the republican nomination ultimately. chances of winning the republican nomination have always been very, very low. i think statements like this erase basically any chance that the people who actually run the republican party could reconcile themselves to him as the nominee.
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and unless they reconcile themselves to him as the nominee, at a certain point he's going to run into a wall. and he's going to run into that wall in terms of how many voters will actually support him. he can't win the nomination with the 30% of support has right now and he's going to run into an increasingly unified opposition from the entire infrastructure of the party at a certain point. that won't kick in until we actually get zboo into the voting. keep in mind, not a single american has cast a ballot for donald trump yet. all of this entire phenomenon exists in polls being conducted months out from the actual voting. so right now, prominent republicans are still assuming that trump will come back down to earth, but even if he stays at 30%, that's not going to be enough to take him all the way through to the nomination. >> he started in the high teens then went to 20 then 30, 35 and now up to 38 in some polls. he's been leading every poll for the last four or five months.
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if any other candidate had been leading the polls for this period of time, we would have said he is by far the most likely nominee to represent the republican party and the u.s. presidential election. >> absolutely. but donald trump is not like other presidential candidates. donald trump, it's safe to assume, is not going to have the kind of normal campaign infrastructure that it takes to compete over a sustained clip of primaries and caucuses over months and weeks. donald trump has the highest number of republicans who say they wouldn't vote for him of any candidate except interestingly jeb bush. trump has a lot more resistance. his unfavorable ratings among republicans are much higher than the unfavorable ratings of marco rubio and ted cruz. ad at this point, he faces basically, again, unified opposition from the leadership and infrastructure of the party. all of those factors matter as much to who gets the nomination in the end as being able to hit 30 or 35% in a poll.
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if he hits 50 or 55%, and you have me back on, then maybe i'll have to concede that he has a chance. but at this point, i'm still saying donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee for president. he has the people who like trump like him a lot. but there aren't enough of them to win the nomination. >> how much pressure is there on the other candidates, the ones who aren't really in there with a chance, 1% or 3%, if they're luck kwi, to drop out, coalesce around a non-trump viable candidate. and who is that? >> first, i don't think the pressure really kick in until the voting starts. after iowa and new hampshire, there will be tremendous pressure on the four or five people at the bottom of the polls, carly fiorina, john kasich, jeb bush, mike hukabee. but until we start voting, they aren't going to quit. and then who that candidate is, look, the assumption, the working assumption of many people is in the end it's likely to be marco rubio.
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he's the most acceptable to the most people in the party. he has the highest favorable ratings overall. he's the second choice of a lot of people, and he's a better general election candidate than ted cruz who is likely -- who is the third possibility. so people are sort of looking ahead and assuming that you'll end up with a trump, cruz, rubio three-way race and rubio will probably emerge as the victor. that might not happen, obviously. this is going to be a very strange, unpredictable process. but rubio is still a better bet than trump. cruz is a better bet than trump. and i still think that trump -- yeah, it's not going to be trump. >> we shall see. we shall see. good to speak with you. >> absolutely, thank you. >> and donald trump has spent a lot of time focusing on recent terror attacks in the u.s. and across the world. now a new poll shows americans are more worried about a terror attack now since anytime since 9/11. 44% of those surveyed believe an
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attack will happen in the next few months. 35% believe it's somewhat possible. more than 1,200 people, both republicans and democrat voters were surveyed. to geneva now and switzerland is on high alert as police search for suspects related to the paris attacks. u.s. intercepts of isis communications are also triggering an alert. isis extremists talked about attacking three cities, geneva, toronto and chicago. in california, fbi divers are searching for evidence in a lake near last week's massacre in san bernadino. the fbi not saying what they're looking for, but this search could last for a few days. and as authorities attempt to link them to terrorist groups, we have that story. >> the terror web is exand
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iffing beyond syed farook and tafsheen malik. he's linked to one of four men arrested in a terror ring in 2012. three years ago, the fbi zended on this house, located just miles away from san bernadino. among the four men ared and eventually convicted a natur naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. he was called the recruiter. court documents referred to one defendant referring to him as a mujahad mujahadeen walking around l.a. federal agents arrested three of the suspects just days before they were set to fly to afghanistan and target u.s. military bases. investigators tell cnnkabir serving 25 years of prison and
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farook were in the same social circle. but authorities did not know about farook until the san bernadino shooting last week. they called the terror plot off. marquez told investigators, spooked by the arrests. but was this a terror network or a group of men connected by friendship and a twisted desire for violence? >> we're working hard for exactly their association and source of their inspiration. we're also working very hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them, with supporting them, with equipping them. >> reporter: as far as these killers, the fbi said farook and malik chatted of jihad online before meeting in person. radicalized before their marnl and before she would enter the united states last year. and in a late development, fbi dive teams arrived at this lake. there was a report that the two killers were spotted here at this park on the day of the massacre. dive teams spending several
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hours searching here. expected to resume the search at daybre daybreak. kyung lah, cnn, san bernadino. >> a police officer in the state of oklahoma is facing a sentence of up to 200 years in prison for raping women while on the job. jurors took four days to convict daniel holtclaw, he tried cried in the courtroom as the judge read the verdict. he assaulted more than a dozen women in oklahoma city. prosecutors say he preyed on women in the state's poorest neighborhoods, telling them he would drop drug charge against them if they did not report the assault. he will be sentenced next month. and in chicago, residents there continue to call for the mayor to step down. and now an illinois state lawmaker has introduced a bill which called rahm emanuel removed from office by a vote. protesters have marched around the city and they're angry about the mayor's conduct after a
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video showed police shooting and killing a 17-year-old teenager. here's martin saisavidge. >> reporter: these protesters are on the move. this is the heart of downtown chicago. it's right where everybody is shopping and working. and that's the idea, to spread the message. and the message these people are talking about is one, the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, has got to go. there's a crisis of confidence in the leadership, not just in the police department, which many of these people are also against. but also at city hall. and even though mayor rahm emanuel made a very impassioned speech saying there would be change, especially in the police department, it didn't appease people who are so adamantly opposed saying there's
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corruption and saying the police department has actually been involved in what they allege are murders of young black men in the city for far too long. the anger you can hear. but for the most part, it has been peaceful. and ironically, carefully watched and carefully looked over by the police as they shut down the streets in advance of the crowd that moved through the streets. and these protesters say it isn't going to end anytime soon. john? >> marty, thank you for that. still ahead here cnn newsroom l.a., we go to new hampshire where voters firmly in donald trump's camp say they support him no matter what. >> plus the first time the u.s. soldier held captive for five year, speaking out about the day he left his post. >> i'm going good grief, i'm in over my head. suddenly, it really starts to sink in that i really did something bad.
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>> bowe bergdahl has been freed by the taliban last year, he's been the center of controversy. all the theories of why he left his post, we never heard of bergdahl himself. but now bergdahl is telling his side of the story and he's telling it to the world's most popular podcast. cnn's jake tapper has the details. >> reporter: shortly after army sergeant bowe bergdahl left his post in 2009, he said the gravity of what he did shocked him. >> i'm in over my head. it starts to sink in. i really did something bad. well, not bad, but i really did something serious. >> for the first time since the obama administration, controversially and possibly illegally traded the taliban, five of their prisoners in exchange for bergdahl, a dramatic release captured on tape by taliban forces. the controversial figure explained why he left with filmmaker mark bohl anticipate
10:21 pm
the pod cast "serial." it was to draw attention to problems with his leadership. >> i was fully confident that they were endangering the lives of the men in that company. >> bergdahl also says he wanted to show he was a super soldier, like jason bourn. >> all those guys who go to the movies, they want to be that, but i wanted to prove that i was that. >> it was a decision he would relive during his next five years in taliban captivity. bergdahl, a 23-year-old private first class at the time wrapped his head in a scarf and walked away. bergdahl's former platoon mates scoff at his story, pointing out they were supposed to return to a larger base later that day
10:22 pm
where he could have voiced any concerns. he said as a private first class, he would not have been taken seriously. but his platoon mates say he put his fellow platoon men in danger. >> i don't know if there's anyone who can prove soldiers died on a directed mission to find bergdahl. however, every mission especially in the following two or more months, those were directed missions. everything after that, they were still missions in search of bergdahl. >> reporter: bergdahl tells "serial" he looked for someone planting ieds whom he could track, but instead he got lost. and in the morning he was spotted by a group of insurgents. >> they pulled up and that was it. >> reporter: but they said you fought like crazy. >>, i didn't. i'm not stupid enough to fight off -- all i had was a knife. i'm not stupid to fight try to
10:23 pm
knife off a bunch of guys with ak-47s. >> then for foof years, the horror of a teeny dirt room. >> just outside the flimsy door you could tear off its hinges was the entire world. i hate doors now. >> jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> bergdahl still faces a court-martial which could land him in prison for life. joining me now is our military analyst. he spent more than 30 years in the united states army. general, thanks for being with us. can you share your thoughts on what bergdahl has been saying, that this is all part of some kind of noble plan. he wanted to be a whistleblower to bring attention to poor military leadership? >> this is clear in his mind justification of his actions after the fact. he's con fronted with a court-martial. he's going to be sentenced. that's going to happen. i have no clue what that looks
10:24 pm
like. but clearly you have a troubled young man who was a soldier. and there's no isolation when you're in combat with your buddies and your unit, but it sounds like this man was, in his own mind, incredibly isolated. therefore he walks away from his post. all of this could have been avoided if he did his duty, which is stay with your buddies, stay with your unit, do your job and if you do have an issue, you have to push that thing aggressively up your chain of command. you're not going to solve your frobs by trying to be jason borne and find ieds on your own in afghanistan. totally a mistake on his part. >> the big problem with this narrative, which we're now hearing from bergdahl, he said he did this because he was worried about the lives of his fellow soldiers being endangered by this poor military leadership, yet by his actions it's quite possible that a number of soldiers were killed. >> he exacerbated a situation if, in fact, he thought the unit
10:25 pm
he was a part of had issues. first of all, he's looking at the filter of a 19 or 20-year-old man brand-new to the army, brand-new to the military and he's going to do an an assessment of what leadership looks like within his organization. that's a bit presumptuous on his part. what he did was put his fellow soldiers at risk. >> the producers of this pod cast got about 25 hours of interviews. they say the more information that gets out there, the better. that's their words. do you agree with that? do you think this is good for bergdahl to have such free reign if you like? >> what's interesting to me is that sergeant bergdahl is still in the united states army. and i find it odd that he would be granted permission to have this media interview. i mean, everybody who wears a uniform has to go through the chain of command and has to get permission before you engage with media. he's certainly now engaged very
10:26 pm
deeply with media, with some desired outcome he's looking for. i would think he's thinking this might ameliorate his condition and soften this prospective jury he's going to have. frankly this will do the exact opposite. this is not in his best interest at all. so i find it quite odd that number one he had a chance to do it and number two, he thinks this is going to be a positive outcome. >> okay, general, thank you for being with us. it's interesting the impact that this could, in fact, have on the court-martial process. as you said, it could have quite the opposite of what bergdahl may be hoping for. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> no matter what he says, no matter what he does, it seems donald trump's hard core supporters just don't care. santa has a magic snow globe for every family. and this year, look at what he put in our driveway. the lexus december to remember sales event is here.
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>> welcome back, everybody. it's 10:30 on the west coast. geneva, switzerland are on high alert. according to a source, u.s. communication intercepts show isis extremists discussing attacks on three cities. geneva, toronto, and chicago. bowe bergdahl says he knew he was over his head 20 minutes after leaving his unit. bergdahl spent five years in taliban captivity after this night in 2009. he could face a court-martial
10:31 pm
for leaving his post. but in a new interview he said he was trying to be like the fictional character bjason boure to father intel for his team. it seems many party voters may be on trump's side. 42% of the republicans support his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s., but most americans are against it. trump announced on thursday if he were president, he would mandate the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer. it comes on the same day that mr. trump picked up an endor endorsement from a police union in the key state of new hampshire. here's randi kaye. >> members of the new england police department ben nevaevole association showing support for donald truch, despite the growing list of his inflammatory remarks. >> does any of that concern you? >> i think what concerns me for my members is we have a president of the united states who has no respect for law
10:32 pm
enforcement officers. that's the problem right now. >> retired police officer jerry flynn once met with trump in his office in new york city. >> i found him to be very charming, to be honest with you. >> charming is not a word that you hear a lot when you're talking about donald trump. what do you make of his style? >> i think that he is what he is. he's a very successful businessman. he's somebody who obviously can poke the bear, and he's done that pretty well. >> so well, in fact, that there's a growing panic among some in his party that he could win the nomination. but because of his inflammatory remarks about la ten owes, women, and now muslims, many say he wouldn't stand a chance in a general election. >> you're not at all concerned about him being the nominee? >> no, i want him to be the nominee. i want him to be president of the united states. >> johnny arnold also thinks trump could take hillary clinton in a matchup. >> when it comes to the debt, when it comes to defending our country, i feel like he's stronger than she is.
10:33 pm
>> despite what some republicans are saying, no one here told us tonight they thought trump was hurting his party. >> he's trying to make america great again. and i think he's doing it his way on his own the way he would work in business. >> and you think that's playing well in the party? not driving people away from the party? >> i think it's playing well with the public. and the party will -- i guess that will be determined at the convention. >> and about that new york times/cbs poll, 40% say a trump presidency scares them. >> does a donald trump presidency scare you? >> not at all. i've noticed when it comes to a lot of presidents they don't know how to say no. that might be a basic answer to tell you, but i feel like he has so much fire in him. if we were attacked, for example, he knows how to say no. >> meanwhile, with so many critics inside the gop, trump is flo floating the idea of running as a third party candidate, an
10:34 pm
independent. and according to a "usa today" poll, 68% of his supporters say they would go with him pop would you consider crossing party lines to vote for donald trump? >> ronald reagan said it best -- i didn't leave the democratic party, the democratic party left me. >> i'll take that as a yes. the mane theme i heard tonight was trust. these folks really trust donald trump. he believes he has their book. you heard from him over and over that he loves the police. if he is ever elected president, if a police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty, whoever did that would get the death penalty, he made sure of that. this group really believes that donald trump is misunderstood, that he really does love america and care for america, which is probably why they endorsed him tonight. they believe that because he's a businessman, he also understands them and understands labor unionss as well. not everyone here, though, were happy about seeing donald trump.
10:35 pm
one man screaming loudly, be brave, dump trump. >> and the republican front-runner is creating waves across the atlantaic. the united kingdom is trying hard to disguise their massive muslim problem. everybody is wise to what is happening. very sad. be honest. there's a politician trying to stop trump from coming to the uk has 500,000 signatures. that's more than enough to send it to the house of commons for debate. meanti meantime, hillary clinton says trump has gone too far. secondary clinton appeared on nbc's late night with seth myers on thursday, and she told myers the joke is over. >> i have to say, seth, i no longer think he's funny. >> yes. i will say that he started -- [ applause ]
10:36 pm
>> i think for week, you know, you and everybody else were just bringing folks to hysterical laughter and all of that. but now he has gagner over the line. and what he's saying now is not only shameful and wrong, it's dangerous. >> on a lighter note here, first lady michelle obama dropped some rhymes at the white house to encourage teenagers who pursue a college education. all part of an initiative launched a few months ago. take a listen. >> flotus on track. ♪ ♪ south side chicago we all know we had to do overtime every time to make it to tomorrow ♪ ♪ and everyone could really make their dream true ♪ ♪ hey kids listen in michigan that could be you ♪ ♪ the dream lets you go hard ♪ here's a flowchart ♪ you want to fight crime, you should go to college ♪
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leader kim jong-un says the country has a hydrogen bomb. more powerful than a atomic bomb. here's brian todd.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: this would be a huge and frightening leap if the north carolina's climbs are accurate. they say they're ready to detonate a hydrogen bomb. the hiroshima bomb had the equivalent of 13,000 tons of tnt. the first test in the 1950s was 700 times more powerful and they've only gotten more powerful since then. u.s. military officials aren't commenting. the experts we spoke to are very skeptical. analysts say kim's regime simply does not have the capability of produce a standard hydrogen bomb. what they're likely trying to do, they say, is taking materials for hydrogen bombs and compress them, place them on to their existing nuclear bombs. that would increase the yield of those nuclear bombs. that's the pure explosive power of those bombs. but what's important to note here, our experts say kim's
10:42 pm
regime is working toward producing an h-bomb. they have the desire and the will to do it and they're moving toward it. but they do have some technical hurdles to overcome and it will likely take more than five years we're told. as far as what they're doing to overcome it, the institute for science and international security recently published satellite photos of the facility where north korea produces the materials for of weapons. they have constructed buildings, which could separate tridium, they could refine that material. that could be an important step towards eventually constructing a hydrogen bomb and that is what's so concerning right now. >> noxious pollution which blanketed beijing today. this is one export from china that no one really wants.
10:43 pm
>> yeah, no one wants this chick layer of fog. it's the same that closed schools in beijing and knocked millions of cards off the roadways temporarily. you can see on the satellite image, some of the smog starting to enter the southern suburbs in beijing. the latest computer model that you just mentioned indicating that some of this pollutant will actually get taken up by some of the stronger winds moving across the sea of japan, but it fortunately looks as if that will not cause the concerns they experienced in beijing, because it will get mixed in with with the atmosphere because of a very strong storm system that's pressing through the region. in fact that same storm has set record hateful amounts across many locations. kochi, for example, has their wettest 24-hour period in month of december. with this quick-moving fast-punching storm system that moved through the area. this is also associated with the upper level winds that often dictate the direction and strength of our storm systems in
10:44 pm
the northern hemisphere, they move from the western parts of the world to the eastern parts of the world. and this is exactly why we're seeing this train of moisture that's funneling all the way from japan through the pacific northwest of the united states. take a look, for example, tokyo, they normally get on a nearly average about 60 inches of rain. that's over 1,500 millimeters in a 365-day year. but portland and seattle on the contrary has significantly less amount of yearly average rain but more frequency of those rainy days. just kind of solidifying the fact that it's often gloomy across the pacific northwest. and there's more of that in store for the weekend. they have had two confirmed tornadoes on thursday in washington. they also had wind gusts in excess of 100 miles an hour that did sot considerable damage. but not only is it rare to see a tornado in the state of
10:45 pm
washington, it's extremely rare to see a tornado across the entire united states this too many of year. in fact, december is one of the rarest months of the year to even see any kind of tornadic activity. typically only experiencing about 24 on average. you can see the peak of tornado season in the united states roughly between april and may. here i want to show you quickly just what an ef-1 rated toronto with 100-mile-an-hour winds can do, takes a piece of plywood through somebody's home and side wall and knocking over roofs. back to you. >> thanks for the update. >> the rise of terror attacks around the world is bringing back painful memories for former british prime minister tony blair. he talked about the 9/1 1 attacks and the political decisions which followed. >> do you feel pain? do you feel a sense of responsibility that people still point to what you did and what
10:46 pm
bush did and say never again, we are not going there. so lives are being lost because of what you all did. >> i feel a huge amount of chalk and pain about the experience since 9/1 1, which is still the worst terrorist atrocity the world has ever seen. >> our viewers in the united states can see the rest of interview. that will be up next right here on cnn. at 11:00 p.m. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> you're the most beautiful woman in the room. >> "carol" leads the way with five nominations. the movie about a lesbian love affair in 1950s new york picked up nods for best drama, director, score and for its actresses, kate blanchett and rooney mara. >> joining "carol" are "mad max" "room" "spotlight and "the ve n
10:51 pm
revenant." okay, it's time to dust off the light sabre and feel the force. the highly anticipated movie "star war s -- the force awaken" hits theatres next week. >> there were stories about what happened. >> this is the seventh chapter in the star wars saga. although the last three were pretty awful. we'll have a premier right here in los angeles on monday. it's such a huge global event. plans to stream the red carpet live. ♪ >> hundreds of fans in japan got to see the next generation of
10:52 pm
star war hooer roes in tokyo. details of the movie have been kept under wrap and its director clearly eager for it to hit the screens. >> thank you for your incredible warm welcome. . >> the opportunity to work on this movie, it was so big and it was actually bigger than the risk of it. because it just felt like there was too much fertile ground and opportunity to tell a story that was full of, not just action and adventure, but humor and heart. that's what i loved so much about the movie when i first saw it, how funny it was. i hope you find it that way. >> and one of the star wars originals, harrison ford will return to that galaxy far, far away. everyone's favorite smuggler, scoundrel and hero. buford, too, not saying a whole lot about this movie. not a even my colleague ish isha sesay could get him to spill any of hans solo's secrets. >> chewy, we're home.
10:53 pm
>> as you say in the trailer, chewy, we're home. what's it like to be back? >> it's good to be home. it's good to be home. >> you've been so much since the original film, so much time has passed that i wonder whether coming back to this character, if it's almost like muscle memory. >> it is. part of it is that muscle memory, but you put on the clothes of the character. you remember the gait of the character, the swagger of the character. it's all -- it comes back. it comes back. . >> how has han changed. i know there's a lot you can't tell me. you may have to kill me first. >> i would have to kill you after i told you. then then i would wnt to kill myself. he's certainly 30 years older. there's no attempt to soften that blow.
10:54 pm
the story involves some of the changs in his understanding of the world. >> not going to leave without giving you a goodbye kiss. >> are you ready for the latest round of fandom? >> you know, i'm delighted. i hope the film is successful as, you know, as it can be. er i'm ready for whatever comes. >> and no regrets for coming back in? i know in the past you've seemed a little eh. >> i just thought at a certain point, i thought that -- when we were making the third film that we could make an interesting -- we had an interesting opportunity with the character. i've always been a bit cynical and outside the story for him to sacrifice himself for the greater good for the benefit of the good side, for the light side as opposed to the dark side, that he might lend some gravitas to the proceedings if
10:55 pm
we were to sacrifice himself. >> i'm personally pleased they never killed you off. >> very grateful, thank you. >> harrison ford, thank you. best of luck with the film. >> appreciate it. >> and apologies it's hans solo. the dark side took over for a moment. donald trump had said he would love the way ford stood up for america while playing president james marshall in the film "air force one." >> it's a movie. donald, it was a movie. it's not like this in real life. but how would you know? >> you're watching cnn news room live from los angeles. i'm john vause."
10:56 pm
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tonight britain's former prime minister tony blair tells me that to eradicate isis you've got to go all in. and he opens up about the pain of the iraq war. >> i feel a huge amount of challenge and pain about the situation to be experienced since 9/11, which is still the worst terrorist atrocity the world has seen. and what's politics without satire? my interview with the comic genius sarah silverman as phenomenon any woman gets a big nod from hollywood's screen actors guild.


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